Matheus Marchini

Software Developer @ Sthima

Node.js Core Collaborator

About Me

I'm a Software Developer passionate about Open Source, Infrastructure, Reliability, and Agile Culture. I worked with a fair amount of languages, but I'm most proficient in C++, JavaScript, and Python. Besides Software Development, I also have experience with infrastructure management, maintenance, monitoring and automation.

I am a Node.js Core Collaborator where I participate in the Diagnostics and Build Working Groups. Most of my work on Open Source is related to diagnostic-related projects, such as developing new features for llnode, bringing back Linux perf support to Node.js and introducing dynamic USDT probes for Linux. As you can see, I have a substantial interest in diagnostics tools, especially in techniques suitable to be used in production environments. I'm also a coffee lover, and I like to hike/bike ride in my spare time.

Open Source Projects

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Blog Posts

Past Conference Talks

State of Diagnostic Tools for Production Environments in the Node.js Ecosystem

NodeSummit 2018 - San Francisco
Jul 23, 2018
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